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Lead generation + follow-up/email marketing

We provide the best results with any budget

Not finding any high quality leads? Let us assist you. Our marketing agency specializes in designing successful campaigns that drive results for businesses similar to yours. We can help with lead generation and find your target audience.

What we do to generate leads

Creating relevant content

Don't have any idea how to create relevant content get noticed by your audience? We create Facebook and Instagram lead forms which are targeted to your ideal customer and create a list of potential customers.

Developing a unique strategy for any client

We also test and optimize campaigns for better results. Our agency specializes in creating tailored strategies for lead generation that drive results for clients. We take the time to understand your business and target audience, to develop a strategy such as a lead form and retargeted ads aimed at what the Facebook algorithm thinks is the ideal customer.

Managing your campaigns

Once everything has launched the ads need to be managed to test what is working and what isn't.  We utilise the information given to create more engaging ads based off well performing ones. With the Facebook custom audiences we can target potential customers with tailored ads which will make it more likely to convert them.

Following up with potential leads

Once we have a list of potential leads from the ads we need to find which ones are the real customers. We will follow up with every potential lead and if we close a sale with them we will add them to a real customer list to give to you so in the future you can contact them again for another sale.

Reporting back to you 

We don't want to keep you in the dark. We will provide regular updates about how everything is performing in detail and answer any questions or implement any ideas you may have for us. 

Our approach to Lead Generation

Researching your target audience

We conduct in-depth market research to understand your business and target audience. This includes analysing your current customer base, identifying demographics, interests, and behaviours of your ideal customer.

Planning an effective strategy 

After analysing your target audience and business goals, we will develop a strategy that includes creating relevant and compelling content, utilizing different ad formats and placements. This will ensure that your ads reach the right audience, at the right time and with the right message, which will increase the chances of conversions.

Inventing engaging creatives and copy

To make sure that the ad copy is engaging and relevant, we utilize AI-based tools to generate copy that resonates with the target audience, making sure that the ad copy is personalized, persuasive and optimized for conversions. This will ensure that the ad copy is engaging and relevant, which will increase the chances of conversions and achieve better return on investment.

Reporting back to you the good news

We will provide you reports that will include charts and graphs to clearly visualize the data and make it easy to understand. With regular check-ins about how the campaign is performing we can answer any questions you may have for us or any ideas you want us to implement in the ads.

Optimising the published ads

Once the ads are published, we will constantly monitor and analyse the performance metrics such as click-through-rate, conversion rate and cost per impression, to identify areas of improvement and make the necessary changes to optimize the campaign. We also test different ad variations, such as different ad copy, images, and targeting options, to find the most effective combination.

Follow-up/Email Marketing

Once we have generated high quality leads from your target audience we need to convert them into paying customers. We will follow up with every potential client for you and build an email list which we will provide for you.

We message every potential lead within 24 hours to maintain retention and give you the highest possible conversion rate. 

Email marketing is an effective way to reach and engage with potential customers. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their target audience and build relationships with them over time. However, it can be difficult to come up with engaging copy and time consuming to send all those emails. Our service includes providing expertly-crafted email marketing strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of your business saving you time and providing re-engagement to keep your sales consistent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good conversion rate for a Lead Generation campaign? Conversion rate varies from campaign to campaign. However, we aim to get the most amount of leads possible with your budget by creating engaging ads. Furthermore, with our lead follow up we sort through the list to find the real customers for you.

How does Lead Generation work? Lead generation works by targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors using Facebook's targeting options. Then if a user clicks on the ad it will open up a form for them to fill out. With that information we have a potential lead which we will follow up on.

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